Spiral Scar

Emotive Psychtzophrenic

Hard Rock

The beginning...

Spiral Scar's early days featured the lineup of Sean Josephs on guitar, John Soden on drums, fiende on bass, and the vocals of Tim Mullens. The initial lineup poured cavernous emotion and effort into the recording of the band's debut album, "A Moment's Loss of Identity."

Following the 2014 release, the band toured throughout New Jersey's premeir venues and music festivals.

...continuing on...

JD SanJose joined the Scar after feinde's departure in 2015, and the new lineup's rapport spawned the release of the single "Stand or Fall" in 2016. The track exhibited a straightforward rock sound, which premiered on New Jersey's WRAT Rock Radio and was supported by continued touring with the band opening for national acts Sponge, Hookers and Blow, and Angel Vivaldi.

...Spiral Scar

Spiral Scar again redefined itself following the departure of JD and Tim, who both moved on to focus on new projects.

Sean and John recruited vocalist Drew Dizzle to bring a fresh approach to the existing Scar catalogue, as well as a gritty approach to the new album, "Secondhand Soul" -to be released in October.

Spiral Scar continues to evoke emotion, reflection, and a surge of adrenaline with its live shows and recorded material.

Stand or Fall live at the Aztec, Seaside Heights, NJ, Summer 2016

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